Feb 12, 2019
Wolf Haessler - Serial Enterpreneur

After receiving his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Western Ontario in 1969, Wolf Haessler worked for several years at DuPont and then founded a small metalworking shop in Brampton, Ontario that grew into a world class manufacturer of aerial work platforms (AWP) SkyJack Inc of which he was the Chairman and President for almost 20 years. 10 years ago he organized a team of Guelph educated engineers and industry veterans to design, test and build what became a new global standard in AWP. As an active University of Guelph alumnus, he serves on the School of Engineering industrial advisory board and the College of Physical and Engineering Science campaign cabinet. Wolf and his family provide leadership support through the Haessler Family Engineering Scholarship Fund and capital campaign for renovations to the engineering building.  Wolf lives in Southampton, ON and is busy thinking up his next idea and company to start.