In 2017 the Rotary Club of Collingwood set plans to develop the Rotary Community Hub -- our Legacy Project. The vision for this project was cast almost ten years ago – to build a Rotary landmark, establish a social enterprise for revenue generation and an investment source for community capacity building.
As 2019 rolls out, our Club has partnered with the New Path Foundation to renovate a 7,000-square foot, century-old building at 199 Campbell Street known as the Saunders Building.  The project is a shared space initiative that brings a number of groups with similar common values and purpose together under one roof - Rotary Community Hub/Collingwood Common Roof™.
Our primary goal is to strengthen social programs within the community and our primary focus will be to support the empowerment of our tenant organizations.  The Community Hub/Common Roof™ will be an effective social investment, with the ability to provide organizations with shared services and meeting spaces. Clients and their families will have access to “one-stop shopping” for services in facilities that are fully accessible and located in convenient locations on public transit routes.  All people in our community will have a central place to find help in accessing needed services or to give help by connecting to volunteer opportunities.
Stay tuned for more details!